Licensing Expos 2012: LIMA Award Winners

The Licensing Expo 2012 is underway in Las Vegas.  The exhibit floor has been filled with the buzzing sounds of deal making and networking.  Exhibitor’s booths seem more elaborate than in the past few years and Attendees appear to have more enthusiasm for the properties and brands being offered.  All in all a positive sign from both sides.

Last night LIMA honored the industry’s best at its annual award ceremony.  The winners included:

Best Art or Design Program: The Victoria and Albert Museum
Best Art or Design Licensee: Navigate Ltd. for the Very Hungry Catipillar children’s gardening tools
Best Character or Toy brand: Angry Birds
Beet Character or Toy brand Licensees: Commonwealth Toy & Novelty for Angry Birds and SGFootwear for Pillow Pets
Best Corporate Brand Program: Jelly Belly
Best Corporate Brand Licensees: Thermos for Under Armour hydration bottles and SGI Apparel for Harley Davidson
Best Film Television Celebrity or Entertainment Program: Props Pig
Best Film Television Celebrity or Entertainment Licensees: Texan Publishing for Props Pig and Jay Franco for Star Wars
Best Sports Program: NBA
Best Sports Licensees: Tops International for Indian Premier League. Cricket and Junk Food Clothing for NFL
Overall Best Licensed Program: Angry Birds

Contests to all the winners and to the industry for a good year!


About Laurie Berkin

Laurie Berkin is the founder of Marathon Marketing. Originally from Alabama, she has called Atlanta home for over 25 years. Laurie is a corporate attorney, turned marketer, social media maven and consumer products licensing guru. She’s also a world traveler, would-be foodie and dog enthusiast.
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